Paras in Action: Ready for Anything - The Parachute Regiment Through the Eyes of Those Who Served (Hardcover)

Paras in Action: Ready for Anything - The Parachute Regiment Through the Eyes of Those Who Served By Jason Woods Cover Image
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The date is the 6 June 1944. The paratroopers on board the aircraft are crammed together, joking and singing over the drone of the engines, none of them dwelling on the gnawing fear in their guts. They reach the French coastline, and everyone goes quiet when loud explosions and flashes erupt around the aircraft. Pilots desperately dodge and swerve through the cool night air while the men hold firm, preparing to jump. They reach the open door; the green light flicks on and they leap without hesitation into a sky lit up by flak, ready to meet their fate.

One after another, thousands of white parachutes billow out and the men fall through the air not knowing where they might land or if they will even survive the drop; but their minds are set. They are clear about their mission and its critical importance as part of the bigger picture. Some 'chutes do not open, weapons and kit are torn off in the slipstream, and anti-aircraft guns pick men off and many never make it to the ground alive.

The Normandy landings of 1944 were just one of the many famous operations in the stunning history of the Paras. This book by former paratrooper Jason Woods gives the reader an unprecedented snapshot of the role that these brave and determined paratroopers have played throughout their history, demonstrating not only the courage, strength and fitness of the men who make up this mighty regiment, but also their intelligence, compassion, and wicked sense of humor.

This powerful journey through aspects of all the key wars and conflicts that the regiment has been engaged in over the last eighty years is made through the eyes of those who served. The book reveals how the Paras have become seen as an elite fighting force, feared by those who have had the misfortune to come up against them on the field of battle.

This book covers challenging operations in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Kosovo, and Sierra Leone. It includes an exciting overview of Operation Telic in Iraq, the epic battles in Afghanistan, and subsequent withdrawal of all British citizens and troops from Kabul in 2021, on Operation Pitting.

Packed with short interviews and poignant quotes, many original and never seen before, from current and former Paras, the author highlights the regiment's constant evolution, as the battlefield conditions have changed, into today's modern 16 Air Assault Brigade Rapid Reaction Force and Special Forces Support Group, while always maintaining the core standards and ethos embodied in the regimental motto Utrinque Paratus - 'Ready for Anything'. Finally, get a glimpse into the transition many Paras make when they eventually leave the regiment and join the secretive private security industry, known as the 'Circuit'.
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ISBN: 9781399040174
ISBN-10: 1399040170
Publisher: Frontline Books
Publication Date: September 21st, 2022
Pages: 248
Language: English