A Stoic Guidebook for Recovery (Paperback)

A Stoic Guidebook for Recovery By Derek Castleman, Epictetus (Based on a Book by) Cover Image
By Derek Castleman, Epictetus (Based on a Book by)
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Could the wisdom of ancient Stoics be your key to mastering modern challenges?

Discover the power of Stoicism in "A Stoic Guidebook for Recovery", an innovative addition to addiction and recovery books. This guide marries the core principles of Stoic philosophy - being the best version of oneself under all circumstances - with the journey to recovery from addiction.

With each enlightening chapter derived from Epictetus's Enchiridion, you'll delve into Stoicism's transformational teachings and their practical applications in overcoming addiction.

Journey through this captivating self-help book for addiction, and you will:

● Grasp the core teachings of Stoic philosophy, and its focus on personal growth and virtue, within the context of recovery

● Uncover the therapeutic overlap between Stoicism and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

● Discover how Stoicism inspired the principles of the Serenity Prayer centuries before its written inception

● Draw inspiration from the author's personal journey of addiction recovery, empowered by Stoic wisdom

By embracing this guide, you'll unlock:

● A unique approach to addiction recovery using Stoic philosophy, fostering the best version of yourself

● Practical strategies for overcoming addiction-related challenges, rooted in the virtue-centric philosophy of Stoicism

● A path towards cultivating emotional resilience and a fulfilling life, irrespective of circumstances

● Insights on applying age-old wisdom to modern struggles, enhancing your recovery journey

This transformative guide is a must-read if you are:

● Seeking self-help addiction books offering a fresh, philosophically-grounded perspective

● Intrigued by how the virtue-focused philosophy of Stoicism can enhance recovery processes

● Interested in leveraging Stoic principles to bolster personal growth and resilience during recovery

"A Stoic Guidebook for Recovery" offers more than advice-it offers a lens to view addiction recovery as a transformative journey towards becoming your best self.

Ready to tap into the wisdom of Stoicism for a resilient recovery journey and a better life?

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ISBN: 9781088275382
ISBN-10: 1088275389
Publisher: Sober Stoic Books
Publication Date: September 4th, 2023
Pages: 314
Language: English