Gold in the Cracks: Move from Shattered to Whole and Reveal Your Light (Paperback)

Gold in the Cracks: Move from Shattered to Whole and Reveal Your Light By Rani St Pucchi Cover Image
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When you embrace your flaws and wear your scars proudly, that is when true beauty emerges.

By reframing your story, you can heal from your hurt and own all of your parts. There is beauty to be admired in broken things because they allow light to shine through like never before. Gold in the Cracks reminds us that all beautiful things have imperfections. That imperfect is perfect. Wounds and healing are honest parts of our history and should be celebrated, not hidden.

Using the principle of Kintsugi, a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer, award-winning designer and international bestselling author Rani St. Pucchi takes you on a journey to wellness and wholeness.

Gold in the Cracks was written for you if:

  • You're still healing from past trauma

  • You feel that some aspect of your life is broken

  • You try to smile despite the pain you feel

  • You are ready to embrace your imperfections and find happiness

Suffering-whether it be through illness, job loss, heartbreak, tragedy, or the loss of a loved one-is part of life, and adversity is a collateral element of living. It is possible to transform your emotional scars into something beautiful.

Rani's Story

Growing up as the youngest of six children Rani was constantly told there was something wrong with her. At age nine she was sent away to a Catholic convent. When she refused an arranged marriage at the age of eighteen, she was beaten. And when she succumbed, she entered a marriage filled with physical and emotional abuse.

When her children were taken from her she hit rock bottom. Her life was fraught with sadness, anxiety, physical and emotional trauma, and low self-worth. And then came the car accident that changed life as she knew it...

This inspiring book draws from the wisdom the author gained from having healed her own deep pain, and through helping more than 20,000 women in her 30-year career.

Gold in the Cracks offers you:

  • Insightful questions to help you reflect on your past and illuminate your path forward

  • Beautifully presented analogies and stories that highlight key concepts

  • Affirmations to use as a simple, powerful tool to invite happiness into your life

  • Worksheets for journaling your thoughts

More than a good book to read with beautiful full-color illustrations, photographs, and paintings, Gold in the Cracks offers a life plan to move from feeling broken to wholeness.

Pick up your copy of Gold in the Cracks and begin to gather the pieces of your life one by one, lovingly filling your cracks with gold to transform your life. Available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997880908
ISBN-10: 0997880902
Publisher: St. Pucchi Inc.
Publication Date: October 17th, 2018
Pages: 448
Language: English