Dust Bunny Sock Monster (Paperback)

Dust Bunny Sock Monster By Bhavna Bhen (Illustrator), Sara Rawlins Cover Image
By Bhavna Bhen (Illustrator), Sara Rawlins
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A modern-day parable about encouraging children to clean up their room, featuring a kleptomaniac sock-stealing dust bunny. Introducing Koko Madeline, an adorable and precocious second grader who would rather do just about anything other than straighten up her room. Koko's mother decides to use the behavior as a positive learning experience - and kindly but resolutely refuses to clean up Koko's room for her - hoping she'll eventually become weary of the mess. Out of the squalor grows a simple speck of dust into a full-fledged and very active dust bunny kleptomaniac who lives under Koko's dresser and decorates its messy hovel with all sorts of her belongings, especially socks.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780986374104
ISBN-10: 0986374105
Publisher: Story Arts Media
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2015
Pages: 34
Language: English