The Children of Possibility: A Novel of Time Travel (Paperback)

The Children of Possibility: A Novel of Time Travel By Thomas T. Thomas Cover Image
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Can you go back in time and kill your own grandfather as a boy? Sure. Then someone else will spawn your genes. You will remember that person just as fondly as "grand-p re." Of course, all the details of your life will change, everything you know to be true will change, you yourself will change, and everything else will fit around these new facts.That is the operative theory of the travelers known as "Jongleurs du Temps," the Time Jugglers, the far-future masters of time's ever-branching river. On a Search mission from the 11th millennium, and posing as a little girl, Jongleur Merola Tsverin hunts for genetic samples among the varied populations of 21st century San Francisco. Along the way, Tsverin retrieves an artifact for a collector: a home-run baseball from 1998. Her theft sets off a chain of consequences which threaten the very shape of life on Earth. Merola finds herself trapped in the 21st century and seeks a way forward to her own "reference now." And when she fails to report in, her friend and mentor, Jongleur Chief Coel Rydin, works backward to find Merola, correct her mistake, and set the world right.This novel of science fantasy spans 360 million years in a thrilling ride through intricacies of metaphysics, evolution, retribution ... and baseball.

About the Author

Thomas T. Thomas is a writer with a career spanning forty years in book editing, technical writing, public relations, and popular fiction writing. Among his various careers, he has worked at a university press, a tradebook publisher, an engineering and construction company, a public utility, an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical company, and a supplier of biotechnology instruments and reagents. He published eight novels and collaborations in science fiction with Baen Books and is now working on more general and speculative fiction. When he's not working and writing, he may be out riding his motorcycle, practicing karate, or wargaming with friends. Catch up with him at Books by Thomas T. Thomas eBooks and Paperbacks: Coming of Age, Volume 1: Eternal Life Coming of Age, Volume 2: Endless Conflict eBooks: The Professor's Mistress The Judge's Daughter Sunflowers Trojan Horse Baen Books and eBooks: The Doomsday Effect (as by "Thomas Wren") First Citizen ME: A Novel of Self-Discovery Crygender Baen Books in Collaboration: An Honorable Defense (with David Drake) The Mask of Loki (with Roger Zelazny) Flare (with Roger Zelazny) Mars Plus (with Frederik Pohl)
Product Details
ISBN: 9780984965878
ISBN-10: 0984965874
Publisher: Thomas Thurston Thomas
Publication Date: January 15th, 2015
Pages: 358
Language: English