Origination Trilogy: Photon Phase (Paperback)

Origination Trilogy: Photon Phase By Zsoall Robi Cover Image
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Human evolution could no longer be measured by purely physical changes like bipedalism, encephalization or ulnar opposition. Under the guidance of Lai-Xii's scientists and a self-aware AI consciousness the changes enforced upon the human biological organism meant that the very definition of 'human' had to be reassessed.By a great stretch of the imagination it was possible to consider how human consciousness could exist in something other than a body of blood and bone and flesh. With a leap into quantum improbability the impossible became a reality when our species migrated in a digital manifestation from Earth to another celestial orb in the Solar System.It is a wonder of cosmic magnitude to even think that there could exist the possibility of further change to the nature of homo sapiens consciousness. Yet that too became a reality when a black hole become host to two photon spheres. Each sphere containing pure energy clusters composed of photonic agglutinations, which were no less human in their minds than people left behind on Earth to suffer the slow extermination they brought upon themselves.
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ISBN: 9780648835189
ISBN-10: 0648835189
Publisher: Birology Books
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 252
Language: English