Rise of the Nightbloods (Paperback)

Rise of the Nightbloods By Shannon Haffely Cover Image
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Everything ends. Even magic. Even the gods. As a Seer, Raven is a direct line to the divine and time itself. She can feel the decay spreading across her country, but all the help the gods will offer is a tormenting vision of a stranger's death. An infamous pirate queen, R lia craves freedom at any cost. Raven is her ticket to liberty. But growing feelings and a web of secrets entangle her in a quest to save magic while her chance at freedom slips away. Born without magic, Tezin's life falls into turmoil when he shows signs of power, and he's not the only one to notice. The man who killed his father captures him, eager to use his newfound magic to bend the seas to his will. Each of them has a role in the fate of magic. But with vicious pirates and a relentless navy admiral impeding them at every turn, their window for the salvation of magic-and themselves-is closing. Forever.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578289809
ISBN-10: 0578289806
Publisher: Shannon Haffely
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 386
Language: English