2023 Holiday Picks - Cooking / Food



Butter, Flour, Sugar, Joy: Simple Sweet Desserts for Everyone by Danielle Kartes. A lot of people will tell you that baking is science--it requires precision and expertise and fancy kitchen gadgets. But in this book you will find easy-to-follow one-bowl wonders. Every chapter of Butter, Flour, Sugar, Joy features simple dessert recipes–including Danielle's perfect dump-and-stir cake method–which allows you to create showstopper confections without all the fuss. Welcome to the world of Butter, Flour, Sugar, Joy–where messes are encouraged and the comfort of casual home baking is the main course. 

CDMX: The Food of Mexico City by Rosa Cienfuegos. A celebration of the food of Mexico City and the dishes that Rosa grew up eating and now recreates in her two Sydney restaurants: Tamaleria and Icatate. It is the food that chilangos (residents of Mexico City) enjoy at home, on the streets, in markets, and in cafes and bars. Authentic and often unique to Ciudad de México, as the locals call it, CDMX's colorful recipes reflect the vibrancy, history, and modern urban life of Mexico's liveliest city. 

More is More by Molly Baz. In her bestselling debut cookbook, Cook This Book, Molly Baz taught the cooking essentials and put her love for mortadella and dill on blast. In More Is More, she's teaching cooks how to level up their cooking, loosen up in front of that ripping hot pan, and seek deliciousness at all costs. (And yes, there will be more mortadella.) More Is More is a philosophy that encourages more risk-taking, better intuition, fewer exact measurements, and a "don't stop 'til it tastes delicious" mentality. The recipes in More Is More are fit for any day of the week and for cooks of all skill levels.

Rintaro: Japanese Food from an Izakaya in California by Sylvan Mishima Brackett with Jessica Battilana. Rintaro, the debut cookbook from this groundbreaking restaurant, translates the experience of a Tokyo izakaya to the home kitchen. With over 70 recipes showcasing inspiration and detailed instruction in equal measure, this is a book for anyone who loves Japanese food, from the curious novice to expats craving the tastes of home.

Seafood Simple by Eric Ripert. The definitive seafood guide from the three-Michelin-starred chef of New York’s acclaimed restaurant Le Bernardin. Ripert demystifies his signature cuisine, making it accessible to home cooks of all skill levels and teaching readers how to master core skills, from poaching and deep frying to filleting a fish and shucking an oyster. Featuring gorgeous photography and step-by-step techniques alongside 85 accessible recipes that "will have you cooking filets with pro-level precision on a Tuesday" –Epicurious

Snacking Bakes by Yossy Arefi. The award-winning author of Snacking Cakes returns with a collection of sweet and savory bakes that are delicious and easy to make. Trusted baker Arefi promises simple recipes that require minimal effort with big rewards. Almost every treat can be made in under one hour, in one bowl, and with no fancy ingredients or equipment--leaving you with less time in the kitchen - and more time for snacking!

Sweet Enough by Alison Roman.  Casual, effortless, chic: These are not words you'd use to describe most desserts. But before Alison Roman made recipes so perfect that they go by one name--The Cookie, The Pasta, The Lemon Cake--she was a restaurant pastry chef who spent most of her time learning to make things the hard way. She studied flavor, technique, and precision, then distilled her knowledge to pare it all down to create dessert recipes that feel special and approachable, impressive and doable. In Sweet Enough, Alison has written the book for people who think they don't have the time or skill to pull off dessert. 

Tenderheart: A Cookbook about Vegetables and Unbreakable Family Bonds by Hetty Lui McKinnon. The acclaimed author of To Asia, With Love explores how food connects us to our loved ones and gives us the tools to make 150 vegetarian recipes that are healthful, economical, and bursting with flavor. "A love letter to vegetables and almost a memoir through recipes, this truly special book speaks to the soul as much as to the stomach." - Nigella Lawson