Benefits and Services for Educators

Welcome Teachers and Librarians!

We love working with you to encourage a love of reading and to give all children access to great books where they can see themselves in stories and explore worlds beyond their own. Our Children's & Young Adult Book Specialists have over 30 years combined experience and knowledge of children's literature. We'd love to help you find just-right books for your students and classroom programs.

Mrs. Dalloway's School Sales Program: Our School Sales Program offers a 15% discount to teachers and librarians for books to support classroom curriculum and library collections. Books can be purchased in the store or online from our website. To enroll in our school sales program, please contact Jennifer Gordon:

Special Orders: We are happy to special order single or multiple copies of books for your classroom. Our turnaround time can be quite speedy, often within 24-48 hours. Please send special orders to Jennifer Gordon:

Wish Lists: Let your students' families know what books you'd like for your classroom by creating a wish list on our website. Click here for instructions.

Author Visits: Mrs. Dalloway’s loves to connect students with inspiring authors and illustrators!  For the last 15 years we’ve organized events with big-name authors in large venues, such as Raina Telgemier and Kwame Alexander, as well as up-and-coming local authors in intimate settings such as your library or classroom, plus everything in between!

We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your particular situation:  a back-to-school author to promote literacy, a poet for poetry month, a non-fiction author to promote STEM curriculum, or an entertaining author to kick-off your Readathon.We’ll provide order forms, either online or hard-copy, order the books, and process them for you to pick up for delivery to your school, which means you don’t have to collect cash and keep track of order forms!

Three options:

Option A:  Author appears free of charge, but book sales are required, usually between 10-20 books. Your school must agree to meet the minimum book-sales requirement.  We will provide online order forms to help promote sales. If sales are not possible via families, the PTA often steps in to meet the minimum purchase. 

Option B:  Author charges a fee.Some authors will appear for a modest honorarium between $300-$500, while others charge between $1,000-$5,000. If the author charges a fee, book sales are not required. Mrs. Dalloway’s hopes that you will encourage families to purchase books from us, and will supply links to our website.

Option C:  Publishers set the event parameters. For example, publishers require that the author appear at a Title 1 school and that books be given away to every student. These events most likely involve 3rd-party funding from a community organization or non-profit. For example, for 200 students to receive a new hardcover picture book ($18.95), would require funding of ~$3,500.

For all options, books are discounted 15%. Higher discounts may be possible for large purchases, over 100 books. 

PLEASE NOTE: In all cases, it's considerably more cost-effective and efficient for us to do the legwork–contact the publishers for a particular author, or suggest your site as a possibility for authors on official book tours. Bookstores are the preferred go-between, whereas if you contact the publishers or authors directly you will most likely be charged the authors’ speaker fee.

For further information and to arrange an author/illustrator visit at  your school, please contact Anne Whaling

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