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Baumgartner by Paul Auster. Baumgartner is a quietly elegant character study, a novel about a man in his twilight years forging ahead, sometimes reluctantly, in the years after the sudden death of his wife. In the face of profound loss and his own mortality, Auster's 71-year old protagonist slips into tender memories of before, yet a desire to know others and a curiosity for life persists. Find me in the store so we can discuss the ending... - Hannah

Gwen & Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher. This delightful queer YA romance is set in historical Camelot but several hundred years after the time of King Arthur Pendragon. The Gwendoline and Arthur of this story have been matched for marriage by their families since birth, but as young adults they can't stand each other. A supportive friendship eventually emerges when they discover that they're both gay and may be able to help one another. Gwen is attracted to the knight Lady Bridget, and Art may have a thing for Gwen's brother Gabe. A fake engagement would seem to temporarily fool their families, until it doesn't. The characters feel fresh and modern, the supporting cast is terrific, and the story is smart and well-paced. There's even a nod to Mary Oliver that was a wonderful surprise. - Carolyn

Murder by Degrees by Ritu Mukerji. This debut mystery benefits greatly from its protagonist, Dr. Lydia Weston, and setting, 1870s Philadelphia. Weston teaches at a women's medical college and treats patients at a neighborhood clinic while fending off the misogyny of her male colleagues. When a chambermaid goes missing and the dead body of a young woman is subsequently pulled out of a river, Weston joins the police investigation - headed by a detective who's less than thrilled with her participation. In addition to a well crafted story, Mukerji offers an illuminating portrait of life and mores in late 19th century Philadelphia, which add to the enjoyment. - Hut

Orbital by Samantha Harvey. A single day, (which seems much longer due to being divided into 16 orbits), one space capsule, and six space station astronauts – likely the last of their kind as the space program has moved on to Mars. Through snapshots of their orbital observations and eavesdropping on their internal musings, Harvey brings the reader a deeply moving and thoughtful ode to Planet Earth and humanity’s humble existence on Her. Beautiful, touching, and meditative, it’s one that will linger with you. - Eric

Resurrection Walk by Michael Connelly. The always reliable Connelly is at the top of his game with his new Lincoln Lawyer legal thriller. The flamboyant Mickey Haller, with the able assistance of his half brother Harry Bosch, takes the case of a woman in prison for murdering her husband. She says she’s innocent, and investigations into her bad-cop hubby and the sleazy defense lawyer who convinced her to cop a plea provide plenty of ammunition for a new trial. Once in the courtroom, where Connelly’s writing skills shine, Haller mounts an against-all-odds defense laden with twists and surprises. A page-turning delight for fans of the genre. - Hut

I Loved You in Another Life by David Arnold. This magical, speculative young adult novel follows two teens, Shosh and Evan, who are inevitably drawn to one another through mysterious songs that only they can hear. Peppered throughout are allusions to other couples across time who have also been brought together by this beautiful "night bird". Brilliant writing, snappy dialogue and well developed characters keep this story of loss, healing and love humming right along. - Carolyn


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GENNIFER CHOLDENKO, author of the acclaimed Tales of Alcatraz middle grade series that begins with Al Capone Does My Shirts, holds Dogtown, the first in a series of books co-written with fellow author Katherine Applegate. Dogtown is a shelter for stray dogs, misbehaving dogs, and discarded robot dogs, whose owners have outgrown them. When Chance, a real dog, and Metal Head a robot dog, embark on an adventure to find their forever homes, there is danger, cheese sandwiches, a charging station, and some unexpected kindnesses along the way.




Among Friends: An Illustrated Oral History of American Book Publishing and Bookselling in the 20th Century     

This 576-page deluxe, hand-numbered volume--a collectible edition limited to a single printing of 1500--pays homage to the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the book business in the late 20th century.  In personal and informative essays, more than 100 prominent figures in publishing and bookselling (including Mrs. Dalloway's bookseller Hut Landon) recall their careers from the postwar period through the independent publishing revolution of the 1960s and '70s to the new millennium. The book is also  illustrated with original photography of vintage book jackets, archival photos and period graphics. Click here for more details or peruse our display copy in the store.


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Join us at Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore on Thursday, January 4th at 7:00 pm when local Berkeley author and UC Berkeley professor DACHER KELTNER will read from, discuss, and sign copies of his book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life.

From a foremost expert on the science of emotions and consultant to Pixar’s Inside Out, it's a groundbreaking and essential exploration into the history, science, and greater understanding of awe. (Dacher's photo by Natalie Keltner-McNeil)

This is a free event, but you must pre-register at Eventbrite or in the store to attend.  Click here to preorder a paperback copy of Awe.


Awe is mysterious. How do we begin to quantify the goose bumps we feel when we see the Grand Canyon, or the utter amazement when we watch a child walk for the first time? How do you put into words the collective effervescence of standing in a crowd and singing in unison, or the wonder you feel while gazing at centuries-old works of art? Up until fifteen years ago, there was no science of awe, the feeling we experience when we encounter vast mysteries that transcend our understanding of the world. Scientists were studying emotions like fear and disgust, emotions that seemed essential to human survival. Revolutionary thinking, though, has brought into focus how, through the span of evolution, we’ve met our most basic needs socially. We’ve survived thanks to our capacities to cooperate, form communities, and create culture that strengthens our sense of shared identity—actions that are sparked and spurred by awe.

In Awe, Dacher Keltner presents a radical investigation and deeply personal inquiry into this elusive emotion. Revealing new research into how awe transforms our brains and bodies, alongside an examination of awe across history, culture, and within his own life during a period of grief, Keltner shows us how cultivating awe in our everyday life leads us to appreciate what is most humane in our human nature. And during a moment in which our world feels more divided than ever before, and more imperiled by crises of different kinds, we are greatly in need of awe.

If we open our minds, it is awe that sharpens our reasoning and orients us toward big ideas and new insights, that cools our immune system’s inflammation response and strengthens our bodies. It is awe that activates our inclination to share and create strong networks, to take actions that are good for the natural and social world around us. It is awe that transforms who we are, that inspires the creation of art, music, and religion. At turns radical and profound, brimming with enlightening and practical insights, Awe is our field guide, from not only one of the leading voices on the subject but a fellow seeker of awe in his own right, for how to place awe as a vital force within our lives.

DACHER KELTNER is a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and the faculty director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. A renowned expert in the science of human emotion, Dr. Keltner studies compassion and awe, how we express emotion, and how emotions guide our moral identities and search for meaning. His research interests also span issues of power, status, inequality, and social class. He is the author of The Power Paradox and the bestselling book Born to Be Good, and the coeditor of The Compassionate Instinct.

THIS EVENT is free but pre-registration is requested. Registration ends at 5:00 pm on January 4th.

BECAUSE SEATING is limited, please register only if you plan to attend.

DUE TO SPACE limitations, we may not be able to accommodate every person at an event, so early registration is encouraged.

WALK-INS will be accommodated only if space allows.

WE ASK that attendees arrive between 6:45 and 7:00 PM for the event.

PLEASE leave your non-support companion animals at home.

OUR shared restrooms are not accessible after 6:30 PM, please plan accordingly.


Thursday, January 4, 2024 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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