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Rachel Saunders

presents Blue Chair Cooks with Jam & Marmalade (Andrews McMeel, $45). In collaboration with Summer Kitchen.  Ticketed Event.

Wednesday, November 19, 7:30pm

Blue Chair Jam Cooks with Jam & Marmadade is the definitive modern guide to using preserves in the kitchen. Far from a narrow look at obvious ways to incorporate jam, this is a rich and wide-ranging general cookbook for every day. Organized by time of day, Rachel's recipes are nuanced and unusual and cover the broadest possible array of techniques and ideas.

Tickets are required.  $55/Couple, $50/Single person. Ticket includes cost of the book ($45.) and tastes. Call Mrs. Dalloway's at 510-704-8222 to buy a ticket and reserve your space.









Rachel Saunders is the owner and founder of Blue Chair Fruit Company and the author of the James Beard Award-nominated Blue Chair Jam Cookbook. She lives in Oakland.