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November 2014

  • celebrating the release of her new picture book, Here Comes Santa Cat (Dial, $16.99, illustrated by Claudia Rueda).

    Saturday, November 1, 2:00pm

    Naughty or nice? You decide!

  • Launch for Group f.64: Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and the Community of Artists Who Revolutionized American Photography (Bloomsbury, $35).

    Tuesday, November 4, 7:30pm

    The revolution that changed the way we viewed the American West, and photography as an art form. “A future classic in the history of American photography."--Kevin Starr

  • reads from his marvelous mystery, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Mulholland, $26).

    Wednesday, November 5, 7:30pm

    “A Graham Greene novel written by Edward Snowden. The Anonymous novel I have been waiting for—a stiletto thriller of the too-real panopticon digitizing our every breath nowadays.”—Tom Paine, author of Scar Vegas

  • reading from Trickster (Univ. of Iowa, $18.50) and Storm Toward Morning (Copper Canyon, $16), respectively.

    Thursday, November 6, 7:30pm

    On Potts: “I admire the clarity, the urgency, the invention, the intelligence, and the commitment of Randall Potts’s new book of poems. A terrific book.”--Gerald Stern

    On Black: “To be both visionary and accurate, true to physics and metaphysics at the same time, is rare and puts the poet in some rarefied company.” —Mark Jarman, American Poet



  • reads from Epilogue: A Memoir (Liveright, $25.95).

    Friday, November 7, 7:30pm

    "Don t let the title of Will Boast s magnificent memoir fool you Epilogue is about beginnings as much as endings, discovering as much as losing family. It's honest, heartbreaking, gorgeously written, and hands down the most moving book I've read so far this year." --Anthony Marra, author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

  • demonstrates how to make arrangements, centerpieces and more with Air Plants, The Curious World of Tillandsias (Timber Press, $19.95).

    Sunday, November 9, 4:00pm

    "Fuzzy, wiry, spikey, and fluffy--tillandsias are some of the oddest member of the plant kingdom. Tillandsias dangel or perch in nearly every inch of my home. They grace my tabletops, adorn my walls, drape across my windows, nestle among my other plants."--Zenaida Sengo

  • present Sleeps With Dogs: Tales of a Pet Nanny at the End of Her Leash (Seal, $17).

    Tuesday, November 11, 7:30pm

    "An absolutely marvelous book, filled with sharp wit and a deep compassion for the companion animals we sometimes call pets."--Philip Lee Williams, author of A Distant Flame

  • reading from The Blue Box (Red Hen Press, $14.95) and If Not For This (Red Hen Press, $16.95), respectively.

    Wednesday, November 12, 7:30pm

    "Carlson never drops an extra word or a false phrase."--The Washington Post

    If Not For This a terrific novel, poignant as hell, but feisty, funny, and romantic, too.--Jess Walters

  • reads from Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty (Graywolf, $16).

    Thursday, November 13, 5:00pm
    Doe Library UC Berkeley

    "Chandra’s melodic prose further adds to the contingency of his ambitious ideas. . . truly a relic of today’s day and age."--Publishers Weekly

  • 20% of your purchases goes back to our partner schools! Get started on your holiday shopping!

    Friday, November 14 (All day)
  • reads from The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy (Roman and Littlefield, $35).

    Tuesday, November 18, 7:30pm

    "Our most provocative scholar of American power."--David Talbot

  • presents Blue Chair Cooks with Jam & Marmalade (Andrews McMeel, $45). In collaboration with Summer Kitchen.  Ticketed Event.

    Wednesday, November 19, 7:30pm

    Join us for a talk and book signing in collaboration with our friends down the street at Summer Kitchen. We’ll start at Mrs. Dalloway’s, talk about cooking with jam, and have a few tastes, then Summer kitchen will host participants and offer small savory bites to go along with jam sales.

  • reads from her debut novel, The Anatomy of Dreams (Atria, $15).

    Thursday, November 20, 7:30pm

    "Chloe Benjamin is a great new talent."--Lorrie Moore

  • Come on by to meet some favorite authors, and get $10 credit on your AmEx bill with a purchase at Mrs. Dalloway's.

    Saturday, November 29, 10:00am

    A terrific two-fer! Local authors will be on hand to schmooze and recommend books, and American Express customers will get $10 back on their purchases! What's not to like?

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