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Our Recommendations

  • Italian Ways

    Tim Parks

    Tim Parks' brilliantly and with good humor explains Italy through her trains. This is a great introduction to how Italy works that should also appeal to frequent visitors. Don’t forget to validate your tickets! Great armchair reading as well.


  • The Impersonator

    Mary Miley

    A highly entertaining first novel! Miley paints a fabulous portrait of a clever vaudeville performer as she takes on the dangerous role of a long-lost heiress. It’ll keep you guessing till the end. Mystery, murder, speakeasies, doppelgangers! Full of historical goodies for fans of the Roaring Twenties.


  • Flying Shoes

    Lisa Howorth

    Humor and sadness and the story of a particular time and place in Mississippi.  This is a brave book full of dazzling verbal wit.  A first novel waiting to be discovered.  Highly recommended!


  • Carsick

    John Waters

    Not for the squeamish or prudish, John Waters’ memoir of hitchhiking across the U.S.A. is outrageous, profane, and sometimes downright disgusting, but always funny.  Climb on in and enjoy the ride!


  • Dirty Love

    Andre Dubus III

    The title says it all.  Four linked stories of love besmirched by betrayal and disappointment.  Together they depict the dark side of desire, along with a chance of redemption.