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Our Recommendations

  • The Son

    Philipp Meyer

    This is a wonderful read for the history buff and all the rest of us.  It is a grand evocation of the American West  - an adventure of true grit.


  • Brewster

    Mark Slouka

    Coming of  age poor in New York State in the 60’s, everywhere the feeling that life is over before it begins.  Slouka has a wonderful eye for details and a great ear.  The end lingered with me long after.


  • The Flamethrowers

    Rachel Kushner

    Coming of age in the ‘70s - a provocative remembrance of our collective history.  What could have been and what it was for the young and adventurous.


  • A Replacement Life

    Boris Fishman

    A sharp, darkly funny debut novel.  Irreverent but loving, I loved it and I missed the characters for days after finishing it.  If you love the novels of Nicole Krauss, Gary Shteyngart, and Jonathan Safran Foer, this book is for you.  Beautifully written and beautifully told.


  • Dirty Love

    Andre Dubus III

    The title says it all.  Four linked stories of love besmirched by betrayal and disappointment.  Together they depict the dark side of desire, along with a chance of redemption.