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Our Recommendations

  • The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

    Valerie Martin

    “I must go down to the sea again, to the lovely sea and the sky . . . “  This wonderful novel is a seafaring tale in the best tradition.  Highly recommended!


  • The UnAmericans

    Molly Antopol

    This exceptionally strong collection of stories observes characters who inhabit the Old Country, Israel, and the United States while never feeling quite at home.  Antopol is an elegant and perceptive writer who will surprise and delight you.


  • Boy, Snow, Bird

    Helen Oyeyemi

    Snow White meets Toni Morrison meets Sylvia Plath. This beautifully written novel recounts an unsettling version of the fairy tale that touches on questions of race, beauty, identity, and morality.


  • The Blazing World

    Siri Hustvedt

    The only way to get me to read a novel about the '90s-'00s New York modern art scene is to make it fearlessly philosophical, intensely personal, and very, very angry. Actually, this is the book that inspired these criteria (there were no previous criteria, only "No"). It's not only intelligent but clever, framing the fictional story as a nonfictional endeavor constructed from multiple points of view. This appeals to my inner narratologist; in addition to its emotional and philosophical brilliance, The Blazing World is a masterpiece of technique. This is my first Siri Hustvedt, and it won't be my last.


  • Sweet Tooth

    Ian McEwan

    A spy story, a love story, and a fascinating political story that sheds light on the cultural front of the Cold War in Britain. Serena Frome is more interested in novels than politics, but that makes her the perfect recruit when MI5 starts policing young British writers. A truly surprising twist at the end makes this novel a fine showcase of McEwan’s talent for blending a gripping plot and stylish storytelling.