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Hats off to the Grads!

With the commencement of the undergraduate class at UC Berkeley already over, graduation season is officially underway. It’s a heady, exciting and often anxiety-filled time for young people: whether finishing high school and preparing to leave home for the first time, or graduating college and getting ready for the responsibilities of the adult world, lots of existential questions lurk under the well-deserved accolades of the season.

Happily, we’ve got some books to help. For inspiration, we’ve got editions of the some of the finest recent commencement speeches, offering words of advice from the great cultural luminaries of our time, including David Foster Wallace, George Saunders and Mary Karr. We’ve also got best-selling collections of wisdom from Sheryl Sandberg (UC Berkeley’s commencement speaker this year), Cheryl Strayed and design guru Paul Arden. For the recent college graduate that’s about to start cooking, we’ve got a selection of great cookbooks with simple recipes from extraordinary chefs like Alice Waters (The Art of Simple Food), Molly Katzen (Get Cooking) and Mark Bittman (The Basics), all of which make great and useful gifts for those accustomed to the convenience and harsh lighting of dining halls.  

With all that, plus a lovely selection of congratulatory cards, elegant flowers and hardy succulents that even an undergraduate can’t kill with neglect, we guarantee we’ve got something special for the young person navigating a moment of transition in your life.

From all of us at Mrs. Dalloway's: congratulations to the class of 2016!


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